Must-Have Apps From Ian Abston, Co-Founder of NEWaukee

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We talked with Milwaukee, WI resident Ian Abston about must-have apps. Ian is the co-founder of NEWaukee architecture firm. Follow NEWaukee on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

NEWaukee is “a social architecture firm that inspires a collision of all Milwaukee has to offer.” In 2012, NEWaukee launched YPWeek, a weeklong platform for discovery, adventure and meaningful conversations about the issues that matter among young professionals in the community. For the past three years, YPWeek events were held exclusively in Milwaukee. But this year, the initiative has gone statewide to attract and retain young professionals in Wisconsin.

Here, NEWaukee co-founder Ian Abston shares his top five must-have apps:

1. Audible – I listen to podcasts every day when walking, biking or driving to work. NPR is my jam – I really like “This American Life,” which got me completely addicted to the Serial podcast. I don't have time to watch SportsCenter every day, so I listen to “Pardon the Interrupton” so I can still sound intelligent in the locker room. And when I need to sleep, I plug in to BBC ... nothing puts me to sleep like a British accent.

2. Uber – This app has completely revolutionized the way millennials get around the city. I use Uber 3-5 times per week – by this time next year, I won't even have a car. I can bike most places, and if it's cold or rainy, Uber will get me where I need to go for $5-10. I also don't have to worry about parking tickets, insurance or warming up my car.

3. Evernote – Inspiration strikes at the craziest times, and I need to be able to remember that next “big idea.” This app helps organize my cluttered brain into a slightly less cluttered notepad.

4. Periscope – This new app is the closest thing to teleportation. You can live-stream whatever you're doing and anyone who follows you can watch. Imagine witnessing the Running of the Bulls live, viewing a protest in Iran as it's happening, or catching live footage of the inside of your friend's pocket because he forgot to turn the app off. So many possibilities...

5. Eventbrite – Here at NEWaukee, we host a lot of events that require RSVPs and ticketing. Our largest event of the year, Young Professional Week, is coming up … and refreshing the stats to see the increasing number of attendees is more addicting than Facebook. I can check which friends are coming and which ones I still need to chase down.

What are your must-have apps? Leave a comment below!

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