Verizon has made almost a half billion dollars in investments in Chicago’s network over the past five years, helping Verizon come out on top in the latest 3rd party testing.


Verizon network engineers designed, built and operate a network that stands up to the most extreme circumstances – think of it as your Extreme Network.


Verizon recently issued our Data Breach Investigations Report, providing a view into the current world of cybercrime.


At Verizon, we operate with the highest levels of integrity. Not every wireless company takes that approach.


Verizon Wireless Market President Kevin Zavaglia writes about Verizon’s commitment to NY network.


Verizon and Ericsson will use the backdrop of the 2017 Indianapolis 500, to validate how 5G will transform the lives of families and sports fans in the future.


5G won’t be a wireless “evolution,” with better speeds and feeds, but a true revolution changing the way we work, interact, learn and play.


Verizon is providing answers to a few common questions we’ve received since the introduction of Verizon Unlimited.


April is National Safe Digging Month. So before you start your outdoor digging projects, remember to call 811, the national call-before-you-dig number.


Verizon's latest technical test was designed to simulate an environment in which commercial power is knocked out indefinitely.