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This is Verizon’s reaction to an FCC proposal to amend net neutrality rules.

800,000 reasons why diversity matters

Verizon is a strong supporter of the DACA program and believes that it is a truly valuable resource for our economy and our society.

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Verizon suggests that open internet protection requires people coming together to urge the passing of net neutrality legislation.

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President Donald Trump announced plans to nominate the FCC Chief Counsel as a member of the Federal Communications Commission.

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The FCC voted today to open a proceeding that proposes to reverse the treatment of broadband services as common carriage services subject to utility regulation under Title II.


Federal Communications Chairman Ajit Pai today outlined a plan to reverse the FCC’s 2015 decision to apply Title II utility regulation to broadband.

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Verizon values the trust customers have in us so protecting the privacy of customer information is a core priority.

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The Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules that will enable carriers to transition cellular spectrum from 3G to 4G LTE technologies.

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The Federal Communications Commission today approved a new set of privacy rules for Internet service provider.

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FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler unveiled a set of proposed privacy rules for internet service providers.