#Next20: Making every vote count

By: Rebecca Nicole Laming

Don't miss tomorrow's #Next20 conversation on how to galvanize communities around the right and need to vote.

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The freedom to vote is the cornerstone of democracy and America's most important hard-won right. However, ongoing institutional discrimination in our election systems disproportionately affects people of color, people who are poor, those living with disabilities, young people and many others.

Few understood the fight for the right to vote like U.S. Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis. He passed away last week, leaving a towering legacy and a reminder that our work to secure and sustain real equality is far from over. Congressman Lewis' lifelong dedication to social activism and pursuit of civil rights makes our next episode of #Next20 on voter engagement even more timely and important to watch.

Hosted by Up To Speed's Diana Alvear, tune in tomorrow, July 21, at 3 PM ET for a compelling and even musical conversation featuring advocates who are working tirelessly to ensure every voice and every vote is represented.

Speakers include:

Tune in tomorrow at 3 PM to listen, learn and find out how you can be part of the change.

What's #Next20?

#Next20 is a new series of conversations about the top racial, social, environmental, technology and business issues that will define the next 20 years.

Each episode will feature the next generation of leaders and groundbreaking pioneers to explore the inspiration behind their activism and their ideas to build a better future. From this series, we hope to accelerate their calls for change and move the world forward for good.

Calling all visionaries

If you have a suggested speaker for #Next20, please comment below and help us find the visionaries, dreamers, believers and doers. If they are moving and shaking the world for good, we want to shine a light on their efforts, ideas and inspirations as part of this groundbreaking new series.

This is #Next20—the voices of the future.

Need to catch up on #Next20?

Don't worry, we've got you covered with the latest episodes:

Episode 1: Criminal Justice Reform

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