NFL RedZone Scores Points With Football Fans; Sunday Games Kick-Off This Weekend

Do you have Joe Flacco on your fantasy football team?  If so, that means you want to know the instant he has his Ravens flying into the red zone.  

Gridiron glory from the National Football League returns in full this Sunday and so too does one of the most entertaining ways to keep track of the latest scoring threats via the NFL RedZone.  Whether you are active in fantasy football or just love everything about the pro game, NFL RedZone ensures that you see every touchdown, from every game, every Sunday – and Verizon and FiOS have you covered like Revis Island:

  • If you are a FiOS Ultimate tier customer who had RedZone last year, or just subscribed to the best TV service in the market on Ultimate this year, sit back and get ready for 11:30 a.m. ET on Sept. 8 and every Sunday thereafter as RedZone is included in your service and you are automatically renewed. If you are an Ultimate customer who has never accessed RedZone, it’s there for you – you simply have to activate the channel by visiting channel 835…and we suggest you do it today to be ready for the opening games (and avoid the two-minute warning!). 
  • If you are a FiOS Extreme TV tier customer and purchased NFL RedZone last year, we’ve set-up an auto-renewal program offering a $10 discount – so you are ready for the first scoring play of the season. 
  • Are you a FiOS Extreme customer and want to order RedZone?  With you in mind, we’ve been running an early bird special this summer allowing customers to purchase RedZone for $59.99 (a $10 season discount) through this Saturday. You can order directly on screen from the NFL RedZone channel or by going to verizon.com/nflredzone.
  • If you’ve been thinking of upgrading from the FiOS Prime TV tier to either the Extreme or Ultimate tiers, this could be the right time to call an audible and put points on the board for you and other NFL football fans in your home. You can bark “red 52” to your team, upgrade your TV tier and order the service by going to Verizon.com or by calling 1-800-VERIZON (800-837-4966).
  • Whether you're a FiOS TV Ultimate customer or subscribe to the channel, you can also enjoy our NFL RedZone TV Everywhere channel via the My Verizon portal using your user ID and password.

And since marital harmony may require one – OK, maybe two - Sunday afternoons away from the TV, our Verizon FiOS customers who are also Verizon Wireless customers can enjoy RedZone by downloading the new free NFL Mobile app on their Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows phones, which combines two previous apps – one for highlights and scores and another to watch live games – into a single source.  

The service costs $5 a month and the app only broadcasts the NBC Sunday Night Football games, ESPN's Monday Night Football games, and the NFL Network's Thursday Night Football game for this NFL season.

If you want to go deep…if you want to run a power sweep…if you think you could – go – all – the - way, then you want the NFL RedZone on your sideline this season.  And FiOS and Verizon provide you with the right play calls to blitz your Sunday football appetite.  Just try not to spike your TV or remote control when you score NFL RedZone!