10.20.2016Personal Tech

Ok, Google. Take me to a virtual world

By: Albert Aydin
Daydream view, virtual reality headset available for preorder at Verizon

Need an escape? You’ll soon be able to use a smartphone to explore virtual worlds, games, movies and more – with Daydream View. It’s a virtual reality (VR) headset and motion-sensor controller designed for experiencing high-quality, immersive media, apps and games.

Daydream View is now available for preorder at Verizon for $79.99. The headset is currently compatible with Pixel and Pixel XL, both smartphones are available online and in Verizon stores.

Simple, high-quality virtual reality

Virtual reality is portable, just like you and your phone. Jump into virtual reality experiences — anywhere, anytime. The experience auto-launches as soon as you pop your Pixel or Pixel XL phone into the headset. No cables or plugging in needed.

A fast and reliable 4G LTE network makes a difference with VR. The Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network, meaning your VR experiences include fast downloads of new games and streaming 360-degree videos without lag.

A controller that moves with you

The controller has motion-sensing technology so you can swing a bat, wave a wand and race the tracks in the virtual world like you would in the real world. Go ahead, bowl a strike or cast a spell with the magic wand.

Daydream View’s lightweight, durable headset is made from soft, breathable fabric – and it fits over most eyeglasses.


Go underwater, travel to space, visit a virtual museum and play interactive VR games and puzzles. Enjoy concerts and sports games in 360-degrees with YouTube videos in VR. With Daydream View, you can teleport from virtually anywhere to pretty much everywhere.

Personal cinema

Experience shows and movies on a virtual big screen using Daydream View. And sports and concerts in 360-degree view with apps like YouTube, Google Play Movies, and Hulu in Daydream View. With Daydream View, you’ll be sure to always have the best seat in the house.

Designed for comfort

Daydream View’s lightweight, durable headset is made from soft, breathable fabric – and it fits over most eyeglasses. Its hand-washable facepad means you’ll be able to keep the headset fresh and clean for everyday use.

Visit the accessories page online for the full line up of what’s available for Pixel and Pixel XL