Why People of All Ages Should Upgrade Their Tech to a New Smartphone or Tablet

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This is a guest post from Ohio resident Tyler Pier, an Android fanatic and lead response specialist at GizmoFusion.com.

With technology taking over the world and our daily lives more and more, many people are using it to their advantage. However, there are still a lot of people out there who haven’t upgraded their current technology to make their lives easier. It could be due to finances, or they’re just plain stubborn (like my grandparents were). Today, I’m hoping to get you naysayers onto the right path and into the future.

Shopping is something we all do because it’s a necessity in life. Searching for coupons, trying to find the best deals, calling stores to see if something is in stock, even going in and grabbing an ad all takes time out of your day and is just a hassle. Did you know with some shopping centers you can pull up their weekly specials, compare prices to other stores, fill out your whole list, pay for it, and have it ready for you when you arrive, all from the comfort of your own couch? This is made possible by the power of a smartphone or tablet. As more companies go the green route, there are more and more people creating applications that allow you to do nearly anything from your phone.

Not only are these amazing devices for making life easier, but they’re also more fun! Everyone knows how boring it is to sit in line at the DMV, or even just sitting at home when there’s nothing on TV but soap operas. With your smartphone or tablet, you can play Angry Birds, watch a movie on Netflix, download music…really you can do anything you could imagine. With more than 500,000 apps on the Android Market, anything you would ever think of, and things you wouldn’t, are all available at your fingertips.

Aside from apps, there are many other benefits to a smartphone. Instead of lugging around a digital camera, a video camera and a notepad, you can just carry your phone. Most smartphones these days come with a camera above 6MP (some as high as 12MP), easily taking better pictures than some digital cameras on the market. You can also record video from the same device. No need to carry around pen and paper everywhere you go because you can type as much you want right into your built-in notepad.

Overall, I think a smartphone is a wise option for anybody at any age. Young children can use it for learning applications, and parents can easily keep track of them. Teenagers and adults can use the social networking apps, games and the Internet browser to easily share info and content and to have immediate access to info right on the spot. Finally, our wisest of all ages, they can keep busy during the day and keep their minds stimulated thanks to a smartphone.

Hopefully my examples convince you that everyone in today’s modern world can benefit from having a smartphone or tablet in their life!

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