Football's Here This Weekend - So is NFL RedZone on Verizon FiOS TV

Verizon FiOS TV is now taking orders for the NFL RedZone channel - and for real football fans, subscribing is as easy as clicking their TV's remote control.

NFL RedZone takes viewers around the league every Sunday afternoon for live coverage of critical plays when any team is inside its opponent's 20-yard line.

The easiest way for FiOS TV subscribers to put themselves in "the zone" is to tune to the NFL RedZone channel and click the remote.  Viewers subscribe by using Verizon's unique on-screen ordering.  Just click, confirm and catch all the action in a matter of minutes.  The NFL RedZone is carried in high definition on FiOS channel 835 and in standard definition on channel 335.  The service also can be ordered either online by visiting www.verizon.com/fiostvcentral or by calling Verizon at 888-553-1555.

The NFL RedZone channel launches on FiOS TV on Sunday (Sept. 13) and is available every Sunday during the season, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.  The season subscription is $49.99.

"We're making it easy for our subscribers to order the hottest ticket in televised sports with on-screen ordering for NFL RedZone," said Michael Ritter, chief marketing officer for Verizon Telecom.  "With a few clicks of your remote you're immediately subscribed to the channel and enjoying all the action with the stunning picture-and-sound quality that only FiOS delivers.  That's something cable can't do."

Also starting this weekend, FiOS TV subscribers* will see the new RedZone Widget - one stop for easy access to NFL stats and the RedZone channel.  Customers who subscribe to the NFL RedZone channel also can use a unique feature of Verizon's new RedZone Widget to set on-screen alerts for whenever a team is moving into the 20-yard line.  Once set, the alerts will pop up at the bottom of the TV screen while a subscriber is watching any channel on FiOS TV.

The alert shows a list of teams currently in the red zone, including the yard line where the football is located.  When they see an alert, subscribers can choose to press the "OK" button on their remote control to jump to the NFL RedZone channel and catch the live action.  Alerts can be enabled and disabled through the main RedZone Widget menu.

The RedZone Widget is a free service located in FiOS TV's Widget Bazaar applications marketplace.  All FiOS TV subscribers have full access to the Widget's other many features - including instant access to real-time NFL stats, scores, news headlines from around the league, and more - without missing a moment of the game or show they are watching.  The application is displayed on the right side of the screen or can be viewed in full-screen mode.

For screenshots and a full description of Verizon's new RedZone Widget, visit http://verizon.mediaseed.tv/Story.aspx?story=36984.

"We're again taking TV viewing where cable can't with the new RedZone Widget," said Ritter.  "This innovation simplifies a sports fan's life by quickly and easily bringing all the latest NFL information to the TV screen without interrupting the game.  There's no need to wait for the news or go to your computer to check a sports site for the latest scores. And for our NFL RedZone channel subscribers, the Widget's special alerts feature ensures they'll never miss a game-changing touchdown or critical play within the 20 yard line."

Verizon is the only company in the U.S. to bring 100 percent fiber optics straight to the home, delivering America's top-rated broadband with download connections speeds of up to 50 megabits per second, more pure HD TV channels, amazing picture-and-sound quality, and interactive capabilities that cable can't match.

FiOS TV offers a broad collection of programming, with more than 500 all-digital channels, including more than 118 HD channels, and more than 16,000 monthly VOD titles. FiOS provides next-generation interactive services including an advanced interactive media guide, news and entertainment Widgets, remote DVR management, multi-room DVR, casual games, and more. 

* RedZone Widget is available to subscribers of FiOS TV's Extreme HD, Essentials and Premier services.