Thousands of Parrish, Fla. Residents Now Have Access to FiOS TV

Consumers in burgeoning Parrish have the opportunity to add FiOS TV to their FiOS Internet connection now that Verizon has completed work to bring its industry-leading TV service to 4,300 households in this northeastern Manatee County community.

Previously, these consumers only had FiOS Internet and voice services available to them.  The FiOS TV expansion opens the full array of FiOS bundle opportunities to Parrish while also providing a leading competitive option to entrenched cable services.

"We've watched Parrish grow considerably since 2006 when Verizon received its franchise to provide FiOS TV in Manatee County," said Michelle Robinson, Verizon's Southeast region president.  "It's been about three years, but good things really do come to those who wait. There has never been a better time than right now to enjoy the maximum benefits from FiOS services."

When FiOS TV was first made available in Florida in late 2005, the service offered about 330 total channels, 20 high-definition channels and about 1,600 on-demand options.  FiOS TV in Florida now offers more than 600 total all-digital channels, 125 high-definition channels and more than 15,000 on-demand options - 70 percent of which are free - with more than 1,400 HD on-demand options and 1,100 free HD on-demand options.

In addition, FiOS services - both TV and Internet - are widely recognized by consumer organizations, industry groups, bloggers and customers alike as providing the leading home-entertainment experiences in the market.

New Florida FiOS customers will experience an enhanced service experience, including a simplified bill format and one centralized point of contact - 1-800-VERIZON (800-837-4966) - for all of their service needs.  They also will receive the FiOS Service Commitment, featuring, among other things, premium FiOS installation with appointments to fit the customer's schedule; setup and in-home training on how to use the new FiOS services; and a 30-day post-installation pledge, including a contact number for the installing technician should the customer need any on-site repairs or have any follow-up questions about FiOS service. 

Verizon service employees will also check in by phone with new customers within the first 30 to 45 days of installation to answer any questions, review the customers' first bill and ensure they know how to reach Verizon round-the-clock for any future needs.

On June 22, Verizon announced new FiOS Internet speeds and a promotion for new bundled customers, highlighting the advantages of FiOS service.  The company has raised the connection speed of its entry-level FiOS Internet service from download speeds of 10 megabits per second (Mbps) and upload speeds of 2 Mbps to download speeds of 15 Mbps and upload speeds of 5 Mbps. The company has also raised the connection speed of its flagship, mid-tier offering from 20/5 Mbps to 25/15 Mbps.**

New customers who sign up for a triple bundle that consists of FiOS Internet with a connection speed of 25/15 Mbps or higher, FiOS TV Extreme HD service and Freedom Essentials voice service will receive their choice of a free Compaq Mini netbook* valued at $299.99 (customer only pays shipping, handling and taxes) or a free Flip Ultra camcorder, valued at $149.99.

New customers who order a triple bundle that consists of FiOS Internet with a connection speed of 15/5 Mbps or higher, FiOS TV Essentials service and Freedom Essentials voice service will receive a free Flip Ultra camcorder, or they can opt to purchase a Compaq Mini netbook* for just $99.99.

FiOS Internet also provides a gateway to other valuable Verizon services, including a suite of Internet security measures, premium technical support and backup and sharing.

Bundle pricing in Florida starts at $99.99 for triple bundles and $79.99 for double bundles.  Both double and triple bundles require a one-year service agreement; however, customers will receive a two-year price guarantee.

New and existing FiOS customers can opt to subscribe to the new services by calling Verizon at 888-GET-FiOS (888-438-3467).  For more information about FiOS, visit www.verizon.com/seefios.

** NOTE: Connection speed refers to the speed between a user's location and Verizon's central office. Actual surfing speeds will vary based on many factors and be lower than connection speed.

Promotion Terms and Conditions:

* Compaq Mini netbook available with $299.99 coupon (or $200 coupon for $99.99 discounted-price offer) redeemable online at HP Home & Home Office while supplies last. Valid credit card required. Customer pays taxes, shipping and handling. Must sign up by Aug. 15 and install by Oct. 15, 2009. Must have service for 60 days and no past due balance. Coupon sent within 90 days of install date and requires redemption within 60 days of receipt. For residential customers new to FiOS TV and Internet.

Flip Ultra (tm) Camcorder available while supplies last. Must have service for 60 days with no past due balance to qualify. Gift will be sent within 90 days of install date. Other terms and conditions apply.