Verizon's FiOS Customers in Florida to Experience Enhanced Technical Service, Personal Care, Direct Contact

TAMPA, Fla. - With a goal of providing the best possible customer service experience, Verizon is introducing its Customer Service Commitment in Florida.  Residential customers making the switch to FiOS TV, Internet and voice services can count on smooth, no-hassle service as they join the tens of thousands of other Floridians who have already chosen Verizon as their home-entertainment provider.

The centerpiece of the Service Commitment is direct communication between the new FiOS customer and the Verizon team. 

Under the commitment, the Verizon technician who installed the service will be available to ensure the customer's service is working and to answer questions from day one.  New customers get a direct phone number to reach the technician who installed their service, should they have any questions after the work is done.  

Verizon service employees will also check in by phone with new customers within the first 30 to 45 days of installation to answer any questions, review the customers' first bill and ensure they know how to reach Verizon round-the-clock for any future needs.

Additionally, ongoing training sessions are available at select area Verizon Plus stores where customers can come in with equipment or system questions during store hours and get hands-on demonstrations and answers to their questions. 

"Verizon's FiOS is clearly better, but changing to a new TV service can be unsettling," said Michelle Robinson, Verizon's Southeast region president.  "With this Service Commitment, we're making a promise to our new FiOS customers throughout the Tampa Bay area that their transition to more advanced home-entertainment services will be smooth and easy, because we will stay with our customers every step of the way."

The Service Commitment is part of a nationwide program to assure that Verizon customers have the best experience.  Verizon recently simplified its bill format to more clearly present each element of bundled FiOS services, taxes, fees and additional charges for video-on-demand and set-top boxes, among others. The company also implemented 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) as a single point of contact for all communications regarding Verizon FiOS TV, Internet and other services.

Other highlights of the Service Commitment are:

  • Premium FiOS installation with appointments to fit the customer's schedule.
  • A 30-day post-installation pledge, including a contact number for the installing technician should the customer need any on-site repairs or have any follow-up questions about FiOS service.
  • Connection of up to three TVs and one personal computer or lap top, plus a wireless router.
  • Setup and in-home training on how to use the new FiOS services.

The proactive call program thus far has been well-received by customers, who are pleased with Verizon's efforts to make personal contact and satisfy any questions or outstanding issues they may have. Verizon employees make three separate attempts to reach the customer; if no contact is made after the third call, a callback message is left. 

"Results thus far confirm for us that the proactive calling is greatly improving our communications and our relationship with customers," said Robinson.  "As the Service Commitment is fully implemented, we anticipate customers will enjoy an even higher level of satisfaction with their FiOS experience."