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Read the social recap - Up To Speed live tweets from Irving, TX

By: Verizon Up To Speed

See what happened on social during the Live from…Irving event on January 7.

Live Twitter Feed - Irving Texas

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @diegoscotti   2:51 PM - 7 Jan 2019

Thanks to everyone at our offices in Irving and around the world who joined us today for @HansVestberg_ 2019 kickoff. Winning is a team sport! #win #verizon @vzuptospeed

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @HansVestberg_   12:34 PM - 7 Jan 2019

We have officially kicked off @verizon 2019 with our objectives at a live All Hands webcast in Irving Texas. A lot of energy and excitement and the @VZUpToSpeed team made a great event.

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @j_blankenship12   12:04 PM - 7 Jan 2019

Watched a great @vzuptospeed Verizon2.0 Q&A w/ @HansVestberg_ and our leadership team this morning! We're going to show up for our customers and deliver in 2019! #iamvz #glmindirect #asgreatasitgets

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:05 PM - 7 Jan 2019

And that's a wrap! #LiveFromVerizon

@williamsjoash - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Good job team... Well organized...!!!

  @VZUpToSpeed   12:04 PM - 7 Jan 2019

@HansVestberg_ to the V Team - What you should talk about at your dinner table! About being an ambassador of @verizon, Verizon 2.0 - Verizon Consumer Group, Verizon Business Group & Verizon Media Group and finally your passion for our company + the brand. #LiveFromVerizon

@williamsjoash - Replying to @VZUpToSpeed

Reveling the brand was the top class 😍 😍

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:58 AM - 7 Jan 2019

"I’m leaving here straight to Las Vegas, NV for #CES and the main topic is #5G. Make sure you watch my keynote tomorrow." - @HansVestberg_ #LiveFromVerizon

  Up To Speed Retweeted
  @djweissmann   11:55 AM - 7 Jan 2019

We can hear them up the road in Morristown. - at Verizon Wireless - NE Area HQ

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:51 AM - 7 Jan 2019

Network leadership has to be a fundamental part of our strategy. This is the year for 5G, we also need to be inclusive and an inspiring place to work. I’m super excited! - @HansVestberg_ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:41 AM - 7 Jan 2019

“The most important thing you can do to become a leader is to do something you like to do.” - @HansVestberg_ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:38 AM - 7 Jan 2019

@HansVestberg_ talks about leadership. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:34 AM - 7 Jan 2019

@HansVestberg_ introduces a new credo video. #LiveFromVerizon #InsideVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:29 AM - 7 Jan 2019

“We’re going to weave social responsibility into the DNA of our brand.” - @DiegoScotti #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:22 AM - 7 Jan 2019

The crowd is going wild in Basking Ridge, NJ 🙌 🙌 ! #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:19 AM - 7 Jan 2019

"We want to be as famous for the experiences that we deliver as the networks they are delivered on." - @RonanDunneVZW #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:17 AM - 7 Jan 2019

"The opportunity for us is to build the future with the best of today. We want to be as famous for the experiences that we deliver as the networks they are delivered on." - @RonanDunneVZW #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:16 AM - 7 Jan 2019

“We’re spending a lot of time listening to customers and really understanding what customers want from us.” - @TamiErwinVZ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:12 AM - 7 Jan 2019

“We’re taking this company from being great to being fabulous.” - @HansVestberg_ #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:07 AM - 7 Jan 2019

@HansVestberg_ is flipping the script...we’re starting with Q&A first. #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:03 AM - 7 Jan 2019

Did you catch CFO, Matt Ellis, in the kickoff video? #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   11:00 AM - 7 Jan 2019

And we’re off...go to VZWeb to watch live! #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:57 AM - 7 Jan 2019

The Live from...Irving webcast is minutes away. Go to VZWeb to watch now. And follow #LiveFromVerizon for all the action!

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:34 AM - 7 Jan 2019

Mics are ready and leaders are here! #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:05 AM - 7 Jan 2019

The stage is set and we're ready!! #LiveFromVerizon

  @VZUpToSpeed   10:04 AM - 7 Jan 2019

The Live from...Irving webcast is almost here. Follow #LiveFromVerizon for all the action!

  @VZUpToSpeed   8:31 AM - 7 Jan 2019

Good morning!!!

  @VZUpToSpeed   6:50 AM - 7 Jan 2019

Today's the day! We’ll be live-tweeting throughout the “anything goes” Q&A webcast at 11 AM ET.


Plus we’ll be posting behind-the-scenes footage from the event on Instagram. So be sure to follow #LiveFromVerizon for all the coverage! #InsideVerizon

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