Resource sharing initiative.

By: Julie Hines
Director of Legal Operations and Innovation

The very best of what we can be.

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The team hard at work in-person...prior to COVID.

The pandemic brought with it swift and prolonged change, to our work lives, homes, friends, families, and everything in between. As we made a significant shift to work from home (work remotely), we started to rethink how we do business, how we meet the needs of our consumers, and how we leverage our resources to do it effectively.

But with change, comes opportunity. As some saw gaps appear in their processes or operating systems, our teams saw a chance to apply their skills in different ways - to add value to the Verizon organization in ways they hadn’t before and in ways that would continue to move us forward during such challenging times. We call it the Resource Sharing Initiative.

As the work schedules of some V Teamers became less demanding, they offered to support the areas that needed more hands on deck. They redirected their energy and transferable skills to time-sensitive projects and platforms. For example, an experienced lawyer who is also a gifted project manager, volunteered to join the Verizon Consumer Group on a project basis to move a crisis project through to completion. This provided the V Teamer with valuable cross-company experience, saved Verizon time and money, and helped everyone deliver a project swiftly and effectively to the benefit of our consumers.

Since we launched this initiative 7+ months ago, over 40 V Teamers have participated from all levels, and across several lines of business. It has opened up learning and career opportunities for those interested in exploring how they can continue to contribute but in a different way, on a different team, using underutilized skills and capabilities. It has even resulted in carving out some new roles that meet our evolving business and consumer needs, while avoiding the expense of external vendors or consultants. In fact, now when the need for an external resource is raised, we look inside first; we look to our robust pool of diverse, talented professionals as possible options.

While the value to Verizon is clear - saving time and money, fostering cross-company collaboration, and supporting retention efforts - the value to the V Teamer is paramount. Every employee who has volunteered their time for this initiative has had the chance to work and network with colleagues across the company; learn more about how and why we operate the way we do - how Verizon is leading the fully networked economy of the future - and find their place in helping move the world forward. They’ve been given the room to apply and even expand their skills, lean into new roles, and possibly move into a new role permanently, opening up a whole new exciting career path.

The response to this program has been outstanding and, in the words of Craig Silliman, Chief Administrative, Legal, and Public Policy Officer, “...has demonstrated the very best of what we can be.”

While COVID-19 has rattled the world, it has shaken loose our best intentions and some incredible efforts through the Resource Sharing Initiative. I hope it will serve as a blueprint for continuing to leverage our internal talent and provide further opportunities to learn and contribute well into whatever comes next.

About the author:

Julie is the Chief of Staff to Craig Silliman, GC and CAO, and Head of Legal Operations and Innovation.

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