Sony Xperia Z2: Tech Enthusiasts Tell All During Google+ Hangout

The Sony Xperia Z2 made a big splash (literally!) when it launched on the Verizon network last month. Its incredibly thin, lightweight and waterproof design makes it the first 10-inch tablet of its kind.

As a self-proclaimed tech geek, I couldn’t wait to put this waterproof tablet to the test and share my thoughts with other tech enthusiasts! So, I recently invited several tech gurus from across the Midwest to join me for a high-tech Google+ Hangout all about the Sony Xperia Z2. (Disclosure: We loaned them a tablet to test out for awhile before the Hangout).

Here’s what they had to say about the device:

Why were you excited to try out the new Sony Xperia Z2 tablet?

“I'm always excited to try out any new device. But the main thing that piqued my interest about the Xperia Z2 tablet was the 3GB of RAM. With more processing power, I can have as many apps running as I want, and it doesn’t slow down. Pretty soon, 2GB of RAM isn’t going to be enough. It's time to move past that and see what we can do with more.” – Tony McAfee, AndroidGuys.com


What do you love about the tablet? What are some of your favorite features?

“The first thing I noticed was how incredibly light and thin the tablet was. I love that! It has one of the best screen resolutions and a quality build, too. I own several tablets, but the Sony Xperia Z2 is the only one I can take to the hot tub with me. The LTE connection is nice, and I like using it as a hotspot, as well.”Josh Smith, GottaBeMobile.com

“I’m still blown away by just how thin and light the tablet is. Despite being a large 10-inch tablet, it’s ridiculously light and thin. In regards to features, the display is absolutely beautiful. Sony has had some trouble with the displays for its earlier Android products, but the screen on the Xperia Z2 tablet is downright beautiful.” – Joe Maring, MobileCupOfJoe

I really love how thin and lightweight it is. This makes it more portable and easier to carry around. I also love having an IR Blaster to control my TV.” – Alex Maxham, Android Headlines

“The battery life is pretty good, and the 4G LTE connection is awesome. I love the ability to read/edit/create Google Drive documents effortlessly.” – David Erickson, E-strategyblog.com

“The 4G LTE connection is a godsend. There's something to be said for being able to grab the tablet out of my bag and check email, Google+, etc., without having to worry about whether there's WiFi near, or turning on my phone's hotspot.” – Tony McAfee, AndroidGuys.com

What other tablets have you used in the past? In your opinion, how does the Sony Xperia Z2 compare?

“I've used just about every Android tablet in the past two years, and I have to say the Xperia Z2 tablet is one of the best I've used in recent memory. It feels great in the hand, and the software is super snappy. It’s everything you could ever want in a tablet.” – Alex Maxham, Android Headlines

“I own the iPad Air, iPad Mini and Nexus 7. I also have several Android and Windows 8 tablets in for review. The Sony Xperia Z2 holds its own against the competition. I really like the water resistant feature.” – Josh Smith, GottaBeMobile.com

Is there anything you feel the tablet lacks? What features do you wish it had?

While the front-facing speakers are nice, I wish they were a little bit louder. As it stands, they’re a little quiet for my personal liking.” – Joe Maring, MobileCupOfJoe

What are some unique ways you’re using the tablet to accomplish tasks and make your life easier/more efficient?

“I used the front-facing camera to record an entire podcast.” – Alex Maxham, Android Headlines

“I hooked up the Google Glass app to the Xperia. What’s cool is being able to show the screen from Google Glass and having the images appear very clear. Essentially, you can show a classroom what you’re seeing. So, that’s pretty cool.” – Jeff Powers, Geekazine.com

Is there anyone else in your household who has used the tablet? What do they think?

“Both of my parents have also played around with the tablet, and they love it, as well. My dad has used it a couple times to watch Netflix, and each time he comments on just how clean and bright the screen is.” – Joe Maring, MobileCupOfJoe

“I let my girlfriend use my iPad while I am on the Sony Xperia Z2. Sometimes she wants the Sony because the elongated screen makes it easier for reading.” – Jeff Powers, Geekazine.com

How about you? Have you had an opportunity to try out the new Sony Xperia Z2? What are some of your favorite features?

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