It’s Verizon Up’s anniversary and members are getting all the gifts. | About Verizon
08.06.2019Inside Verizon

It’s Verizon Up’s anniversary and members are getting all the gifts.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Today on Up To Speed: Verizon leaders hit the road to talk 2.0 and check out Field Service Dispatch.


More ways to win rewards with Verizon Up.

This month, the customer loyalty program Verizon Up, which gives out everything from gift cards to concert tickets, is turning two years old. In celebration of the birthday, Verizon Up will offer new exclusive rewards throughout the month of August, including tickets to concerts featuring The Backstreet Boys, Bazzi, and a Shawn Mendes fan experience. 

With the Bonus Rewards, members will have the opportunity to get 25 to 50% off the year’s must-have accessories. Also, Verizon Up will be giving out game tickets to football fans for the upcoming NFL season. Want to get in on the action? Download the My Verizon app from your app store or text “Up” to 89152. 

Verizon 2.0 is on the road.

Last week, Verizon Business leader Tami Erwin visited Chicago and Dallas to meet with employees and talk Verizon 2.0. Later this month, Tami and her team will continue their 2.0 road trip and meet with more employees in San Diego and Ashburn, VA.

Making dispatching easier for everyone.

Verizon Connect is proud to announce its new management system, Field Service Dispatch, which aims to make business easier for all service professionals. From fielding job requests to scheduling technician visits, this new software will offer an easy management solution for plumbers, electricians and many other service businesses across the country. No matter the size of the company, Field Service Dispatch helps businesses serve their customers best.

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