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02.05.2019Inside Verizon

Celebrating champions, heroes, legends and lifesavers

By: Verizon Up To Speed

From the Super Bowl parade to Black History Month to employees who saved a fellow V Teamer’s life, there’s a lot going on at Verizon.

Up To Speed 2-5 Video

Our local Network teams are working fast and furious to put up a Super COW - that’s a cell on wheels -  in Boston to support today's Super Bowl champions parade. Plus, our Super Bowl ad was voted one of the best.

Mark your calendars for Monday, February 11, as we host a documentary screening and discussion of five influential black men and women who have made a difference in their communities. New Fios customers can now get free Netflix. And a story about a V Teamer who wouldn’t be here, if his co-workers didn’t act so quickly.

It’s an episode of Up To Speed you don’t want to miss.

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