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03.29.2019Inside Verizon

You’re outta here, robocalls.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Call Filter is a big hit for customers. We’ve got a new deal with the NFL, wrap up Women’s History Month, and look ahead to Earth Hour and Verizon 2.0.

You’re outta here, robocalls.

It’s Friday. It’s the Up To Speed Week in Review.

Our customers are the winners as Verizon rolls out a free version of the Call Filter app, and offers an enhanced call protection experience for $2.99 a month per line. Plus, learn how STIR/SHAKEN technology helps identify numbers that have been “spoofed.”

Verizon 2.0 officially begins on Monday, April 1. All week long, we’ve been getting to know the leaders of the Consumer, Business, Media and Global Network & Technology groups. Today, they talk about what’s new.

It might be the start of baseball season, but we’re looking forward to football. This week, we announced Verizon will be “The Official 5G Innovation Partner of the NFL.”

We’re wrapping up Women’s History Month with a little “heart and hustle.” And don’t forget to turn off your lights this Saturday night at 8:30 PM local time for Earth Hour and pledge your support.

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