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11.04.2019Inside Verizon

First responders first.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Today on Up To Speed: They’ve got our backs and we’ve got theirs.

First responders first.

Our teams and network continue keeping folks in California connected as the wildfires run through the state. We’ve extended unlimited call/text/data and announced a $100,000 grant to the California Fire Foundation to support the immediate relief efforts.

5G First Responder Lab enables the future of emergency services.

Hans and the leadership team were live from D.C. a few weeks ago for our 3Q results webcast at the 5G First Responder Lab. Here at this location, companies from across the tech spectrum come together to showcase the products and inventions they’ve created with first responders in mind. PIXO VR uses virtual reality to help train workers and first responders for emergency situations, and NSENA is using VR to transform and improve training for law enforcement. Waycare monitors and analyzes traffic data in real time, allowing for first responders to get to the scene as soon as possible.

As these companies create modern solutions for first responders, the power of 5G is going to take their technology to the next level. “5G is going to allow us to move all our hardware into the cloud, and make it much more accessible,” said NSENA’s Ethan Moeller. “It’s really going to expand the use of VR.”

“Pairing our technology with 5G we’re able to offer higher quality video, and more video streams,” said Damon Henry of Asylon, an automated drone company that offers drone solutions for public safety and security.

With the power of 5G built right, these companies are making sure first responders have the tools they need to respond to any crisis.

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