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Get your directions from Cookie Monster on Waze.

The next time you open up the Waze navigation app on your phone, you can have a very familiar voice get you to your destination. In honor of Cookie Monster’s birthday this week, Waze has brought back Cookie Monster as a navigational voice option. Don’t worry, he won’t automatically direct you to the nearest bakery… Cookie Monster is fully equipped to give you clear directions wherever you need to go. Make sure to try the Cookie Monster setting out soon, as it is a limited time option.

AI Reconstructs images with brainwaves.

Researchers have found a way to use artificial intelligence to reconstruct the same image a person is viewing in real time. The process is non-invasive and the only requirement is to wear a electroencephalography headset covered in electrodes. The science works by using two neural networks, one that picks up on “visual noise” and another that picks up on “comparable noise.” When combined, the networks create a strikingly similar image to the one being viewed making this discovery a new development for medical advancements and more innovation to come.  

Planet Labs offers satellite views of the whole world.

Planet Labs, a company based in Silicon Valley, has a fleet of over 140 commercial imaging satellites, and they are changing the satellite imaging industry. The company’s satellite can beam back 1.2 million images day, providing complete views of the entire globe. They have been able to assist both government agencies and the private sector with their imaging. A livestock company in New Zealand uses Planet Labs services to monitor the parts of their fields that have the most grass, so they can direct their cows to graze there. You can read more about Planet Labs right here.

SumeizeIt makes business books manageable.

If time is never on your side but you still deserve a good read, SumeizeIT summarizes best-selling business books to a digestible five-minute read. With SumeizeIT, you can get all the inspiration and information you need from your favorite business leaders and entrepreneurs without actually reading the whole book. The subscription is usually $99 but it’s on sale for $19 with lifetime access of bite-sized stories!

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