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10.03.2019Inside Verizon

From Hogwarts to Human Resources.

By: Verizon Up To Speed

Today on Up To Speed: What do you know about our new HR leader, Christy Pambianchi?

From Hogwarts to Human Resources.

After all their Up To Speed shenanigans, it was bound to happen. 

Kacie and Andy sat down with HR. (But not because they had to)

As our HR team prepares for Open Enrollment later this month, our Benefits duo looks to learn more about Chief HR Officer Christy Pambianchi. And in case you were wondering about those last two syllables in her last name… “[It’s pronounced] like the Yankees,” says Christy.

In this episode, we highlight the human side of HR. We learn about Christy’s HR beginnings, how CD-Roms helped her catch the tech bug, and how she hopes to steer the team towards a new North Star in HR.

Along the way, we also learn about her fanaticism for Harry Potter. Can you guess which house she belongs to? Check out the episode to find out!

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