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Stop Admiring Data And Start Taking Action

By: Jerry Rizzo
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BIG DATA. That tiny phrase alone could send your head into a whirlwind. With millions of customer data signals being sent and received each day, there’s certainly a large task at hand to make sense of it all. This begs the question, at what point do experts stop admiring the data and start stitching insights from the myriad data points? 

For Verizon vice president of sales and service operations Ken Lain and team, that time is now and his focus is on the customer experience.

“We’re done admiring all of this data and we’re setting out to use it to take action and provide effortless experiences for our customers.”

Lain spoke to over 200 brand marketers in New York City at the Incite Summit: East. sharing Verizon’s challenges. The goal is to reduce customer effort at every step, and his vision is for  a simple, smart, and connected experience every time a customer clicks, calls, chats, or tweets with a Verizon service representative

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Jerry Rizzo is Digital Communications Manager for Verizon and all-around digital media enthusiast. Tracking trends in technology, design, and social media, Jerry is always on the hunt to tell the next great story.