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Supplier Spotlight: Ampcus

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CEO Ann Ramakumaran is growing her technology business and supplier relationship with Verizon, and is a role model for women and girls everywhere.


Women’s History Month, themed “Balance for Better,” is about celebrating women achievers. Ann Ramakumaran, founder and CEO of Ampcus, a growing supplier and partner for Verizon, provides a great example of how women can excel in a traditionally male-dominated space of IT technology.

Ampcus, entrepreneurial spirit at its best.

Ampcus, a woman-owned business and Verizon supplier for 12 years, is a fast growing business and technology consulting and professional services firm, headquartered in Chantilly, VA with operations globally. The company has achieved over 40 percent growth in the past few years under Ann’s leadership and employs over 1,200 people. She is smart, passionate, focused and works with the highest degree of integrity, and has a long and healthy partnership with Verizon.

Her accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Ampcus was recognized as the Supplier and MBE of the year by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) in 2017 and 2018. It was named a 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Company by the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) for the last 10 years. And it was honored as a top Asian American-owned business by the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation (USPAACC) for ten consecutive years. In addition, Ann was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Women in Technology (WIT).

We asked Ann what gives her the edge as a supplier and if she had a message to women everywhere:

How did you originally start working with Verizon?

“We met Verizon in 2006 at a diversity conference. Verizon is a great company and was always on our list of “to have” customers! We were invited to bid on a wireline RFP and were awarded that contract, and over the years we have expanded by winning many contracts with multiple Verizon business units to support their Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Infrastructure Modernization and Testing services.”

How has Verizon supported you as a diverse supplier?

“Verizon has an amazing diversity team that is passionate about what they do. As a part of the supplier growth and development initiative, we were invited to participate in a mentorship program to help guide us in our growth in the marketplace and expand our presence within Verizon. With Monica Hammond (VP- Bus/Govt Customer Operations) as our mentor, we had regular meetings to discuss different topics and how to navigate through particular challenges to help grow and improve our business. Even after successful completion of the program, we’ve been fortunate to have ongoing discussions with Monica and other key stakeholders on the procurement, technology and diversity teams as we continue to grow our business.

“I was also selected as one of two women-owned businesses for a scholarship to take business classes on global growth strategies at the Tuck Business School, which we’ve been able to apply to our business. It’s important to be a student for life and learn alternative ways to help your business succeed. I cannot thank Verizon enough for sponsoring us.”

As a diverse supplier, how does your business bring value?

“Ampcus has two state-of-the-art innovation labs where we develop next-gen and quickly deployable solutions that positively impact our customers and help them solve complex challenges. We’ve delivered solutions that help with Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity and Risk Management, Infrastructure Modernization and Testing services. We’re a very unique company in the diversity space with a Fortune commercial, Federal, State and Local customer base.”

What do you attribute your success to?

“I attribute my success to re-investment of every dollar earned back in to the business by investing in people, process and infrastructure to support growth. I follow a simple rule, which is to hire like-minded people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. We’re blessed to have an A-class team who are passionate, love what they do and are committed to providing quality service.”

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

“Women’s History Month is a time to remember, cherish and honor those women who fought for our rights. Because of the sacrifices these women made, we have a seat at the table and are able to succeed. All women should be proud of who we are. Here we are today, rocking it, being successful in every field such as aerospace, finance, or technology to name a few. It’s very important that we continue to pay it forward to make sure women and girls continue to get a fair chance and succeed.”

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