Let’s talk about 5G.

By: Raquel Wilson

Our frontline breaks down everything we need to know.

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No one knows 5G better than our frontline employees. They interact with customers daily who are curious about 5G speed, safety and what it means for their everyday life. Up to Speed host Diana Alvear sat down with Lauren Allison, Alecs Lifschultz, Vinay Dhamija and Brandon Osborn for their insights and how they deliver the message of 5G to our customers.

‘Just wow’

Do you often wonder about the difference between 5G nationwide and 5G ultra wideband, the safety of 5G, and if you’ll need a new phone to access the 5G network? You’re not alone. The panel discusses the ways they answer these common questions including how they describe 5G.

“5G is the future of innovation, its speed like never before, it’s reliable and just wow,” said Brandon Osborn, Customer Service supervisor. As a gamer, Brandon likes to tell customers that the speed of 5G will allow you to be the “host with the most.”

For Lauren Allison, General Manager, she likes to talk about what 5G means for Citizen Verizon. As our 5G network expands, so do the opportunities to use it for good. Citizen Verizon, our responsible business plan leverages our 5G network to help us reach our goal of 10 million youths provided with digital skills training by 2030. Lauren is excited about “empowering students with AI, VR, AR and real-time collaboration all through the power of 5G.” And with recent emphasis on virtual learning, 5G has been a game changer for remote learning to close the digital divide.

The promise of tomorrow.

Our commitment to economic, environmental and social advancement will help us move the world forward and 5G is part of that story. Lauren reminds of a quote Hans once said, “Imagination is our only threshold.” This is just the beginning of a world imagined with the power of 5G.

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Raquel Wilson is a former adfellow and now on her way to becoming a communications pro. You can always rely on her to have a good book recommendation and a latte she probably paid way too much for.

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