Verizon applauds AWS-3 spectrum auction plan approval

Today (March 31), the Federal Communications Commission approved a Report and Order that will make available for auction 65 megahertz of AWS-3 spectrum for commercial wireless use. The following statement should be attributed to Kathleen Grillo, Verizon senior vice president, Federal Regulatory Affairs:

“Today’s action by the FCC lays the groundwork for bringing 65 megahertz of government spectrum to auction for commercial use. When we look at mobile broadband demand in America – both today and what we are expecting in the future – the need for additional spectrum is beyond debate. This AWS-3 spectrum will enable wireless companies to meet consumer expectations, particularly those using 4G LTE networks. We applaud the collaborative efforts of the FCC, Congress, NTIA, the Department of Defense, and the wireless industry, that will allow America’s highly competitive wireless industry to continue to invest in and deploy mobile networks that drive innovation and meet consumers’ needs.”