Verizon Digital Media Services and KT Corporation to Deliver High-Quality Content to Korea

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Two of the World’s Largest Global Carriers Sign Multimedia Content Delivery Network Agreement
Verizon KT and South Korea

NEW YORK – Verizon Digital Media Services and KT Corporation have signed a multiyear strategic agreement that will enhance the online user experiences for Korean customers in a market with the highest number of broadband services per capita.

Under the new multimedia content delivery agreement, KT will leverage Verizon EdgeCast technology to accelerate delivery and improve quality of service to its Korean customers. Through this agreement, Verizon Digital Media Services greatly enhances its in-country reach, gaining access to KT’s complete Korean route, including interconnections in the region.

Verizon Digital Media Services customers gain access to KT’s domestic bandwidth, enhancing the user experience with fast, safe, high-quality content delivery to the region. In return, KT will benefit from greater network efficiency for the global content it delivers in South Korea.

“In a country with one of the fastest-growing markets for digital content, this pairing leverages the strengths of both Verizon Digital Media Services and KT,” said James Segil, chief marketing officer, Verizon Digital Media Services. “The agreement bolsters the abilities of both companies to deliver the best digital experience to customers.”  

The Verizon EdgeCast network will become KT’s preferred acceleration and delivery partner for its regional customers, bringing Verizon Digital Media benefits to content owners, Web properties and enterprises throughout the country.

“The main priority for our customers has always been to ensure access to digital content from any device, anywhere, at any time,” said Hee Kyoung, Song, senior vice president of the enterprise IT business unit for KT. “As the largest telecom company in the region, our business depends on our ability to enable rich viewer experiences, and the Verizon EdgeCast network provides us with a more efficient, safe and reliable way to deliver these experiences to any device.”

Verizon EdgeCast was recently recognized as the Best Content Delivery Network by Capacity magazine as part of the publication’s 2014 Global Carrier Awards, which recognize innovation, excellence and vision in the global wholesale market. 

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