Enterprise News Spotlight: Verizon Vehicle Announced, Cloud Upgraded, New PCI Data Revealed

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This was a huge week for connected cars, as Verizon premiered its latest telematics offering, Verizon Vehicle, during a massive unveiling event at the North American International Auto Show featuring race car driver Will Power. The company also rolled out seamless upgrade functionality for Verizon Cloud platform so that most updates will happen in the background with no impact to clients. Finally, Verizon security and retail leaders revealed some very surprising findings from its upcoming PCI Report during an event coinciding with the National Retail Federation’s annual Big Show. Check out these stories and more below.

Check out the latest updates to Verizon Vehicle announced at the North American International Auto ShowVerizon Offers To Hook Up Drivers Of Disconnected, Older Cars
For all the buzz about connected cars, more than 200 million vehicles in the U.S. remain disconnected from the Internet, cellular towers or global positioning satellites. At the Detroit auto show, the wireless communications giant introduced “Verizon Vehicle,” a service that will diagnose mechanical problems, dispatch tow trucks and pipe live mechanics into cars. (Bloomberg)

Verizon Cloud Outage Draws Overblown Angst
Verizon Cloud's planned 48-hour outage set off outraged critics, but long-term implications will make the cloud service more stable and more competitive. (Information Week)

PCI DSS Compliance Does Not Mean Companies Are Secure From Breaches
An upcoming Verizon report shows companies dive into PCI compliance, but then they don't follow up, rendering their systems open to future breaches. This must change, according to Verizon. (eWeek)

5 Manufacturing Trends That Will Shape The Market In 2015
As we kick off 2015, it is time to look at emerging trends that will impact 21st century manufacturing around the globe. One thing that can be said for certain – Asia is well on its way to being the global manufacturing hub. (Supply Chain Asia)

Corporate IT Becomes Cloud Broker In 2015
Enterprise IT will control corporate cloud deployments in 2015, according to Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ list of top technology trends this year. Verizon stated that corporate IT teams will act as a “cloud solutions broker” by helping to identify needs, outline technology requirements and manage the various technologies and service providers used. (Computer World Hong Kong)

Visit the Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Products and Services Center to learn how to improve your business with the latest technologies and network solutions.

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