Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Indiana blogger Liz from the Eternal Lizdom blog shares how her and her family have been using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 during the past few weeks.

I’ve had a most wonderful opportunity for the past several weeks to test out a Samsung Galaxy Tab from Verizon. It’s been really fun and I’m honestly really impressed with the technology.

Here’s how I’ve used the tablet this past month:

- Flash cards for Teagan. We have “old fashioned” flash cards that are part of her weekly homework. But we found an app that made a game of flashcards- you get a score based on how quickly you answer and how accurate you are. The family all took turns playing and Teagan really enjoyed using the app.

- Games for Zach. He really enjoyed a fun memory game that was jungle themed. Best of all, if you missed a match, the game farts at you. He loved that. He also really enjoyed a wild animal app with pictures of different animals and the app makes animal noises.

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