Verizon Innovative Learning expands to offer 3M+ teachers free tools for digital education.

By: Rebecca Nicole Laming

Verizon is stepping up again by providing a constellation of free resources and tools to help students and educators master digital learning.

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If the most valuable investment we have is educated minds, then our greatest asset is teachers. While it's still unclear when students will once again spill into the hallways, there has never been a more critical time to help teachers navigate the virtual classroom. That's why Verizon continues to step up and step forward to provide best-in-class resources to lessen the widening digital divide and give students the education they deserve.

Teacher Training Pathways: Tech-integrated instruction.

Remote learning requires a total reimagination of how to engage students and maintain a sense of community beyond the four walls of a classroom. Ever the superheroes, teachers never give up, but they need support mastering a new suite of tools and digital-led instruction. Enter Verizon Innovative Learning.

All K-12 Teachers nationwide can now access Teacher Training Pathways, a free platform that will help teachers become more efficient and effective in delivering a tech-integrated curriculum.

The platform will feature an evolving library of courses to reinforce digital literacy. Registration is now available to help teachers address learning challenges in remote instruction, explore education technology tools and develop both synchronous and asynchronous instruction for learners.

Make sure to flag this incredible resource to any teachers in your network!

Scaling the reach and resources of Verizon Innovative Learning.

We are expanding support and resources to under-resourced schools by providing hotspots equipped with a 30GB 4G LTE monthly data plan to students who already have a school-issued tablet or laptop but lack reliable home internet access. The program will also provide educators with development opportunities through Teacher Training Pathways to help them master tech-integrated instruction. This expands the reach of our Verizon Innovative Learning School program and scales the constellation of resources available to educators. Created in partnership with Digital Promise, applications are open to districts with Title I schools across the nation.

Citizen Verizon: Keeping our commitment to students.

These efforts are part of Verizon's continued commitment to Digital Inclusion, a key pillar under Citizen Verizon, our responsible business plan for economic, environmental and social advancement. With Citizen Verizon, we will provide 10 million young people with digital access and skills training to thrive in a modern economy.

Championing education is not new to Verizon. Since 2012, Verizon Innovative Learning has worked to close the digital divide by providing 450,000 Title 1 students with connectivity, technology and an immersive STEM curriculum, investing over $535M in market value towards STEM education. The Verizon Distance Learning Program, developed in response to COVID-19 to provide reliable, affordable Internet connections and solutions, is now available for more than 38 million students across 40 states and the District of Columbia. By building a digitally inclusive and equitable society, we can help students stay connected and thrive in today's virtual learning environment.

Attention V Team Volunteers.

Want to make a difference? Check out the Digital Inclusion pillar on our Volunteer Portal to help mentor and tutor students in need of additional support. Sharpen those pencils and take action today!

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