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Verizon Up Rewards Program Logo

Over the past year Verizon hit the streets to hear what customers had to say about the rewards programs they use every day. People were feeling frustrated with all of the existing programs in the market, especially those that required accumulating thousands of points in exchange for a small selection of trivial items. Customers were seeking real rewards that had real value, and most importantly, they wanted rewards that were rooted in experiences. That’s how Verizon Up came to life. Verizon is upping their game and listening even harder to their customers. It’s digital only, simple to use and connects you with the brands and access to experiences you know and love.

How Verizon Up works: One credit equals one reward

For every $300 spent on your Verizon Wireless bill, you earn one credit that can be redeemed for rewards and experiences. You earn credits just for paying your bill! One credit equals one reward, super simple, one-to-one. Every month there are six new customized rewards to choose from, so there’s a constant stream of rewards to look forward to. For example, customers can select exciting rewards from partners such as Apple Music, JetBlue and HBO NOW. Additional partners will be added monthly and credits can be redeemed 60 days after they are earned. Best of all, there is no cost to enroll in Verizon Up, it’s simple to join.

The type of rewards range from everyday delights to VIP experiences:

  • Everyday Rewards:  Free services and discounts to some of today’s hottest brands such as: Amazon, Headspace, Boxed and DonorsChoose.org.
  • Verizon Rewards:  Bank up to $10 towards your next Verizon device purchase, save up these rewards and it could total $240 off your next device, discounts on accessories and bonus data (1GB or 2GB).
  • Super Tickets:  Access to the most sought after events in sports, music and entertainment such as NFL and Broadway shows.
  • Dream Tickets:  Once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as tickets to NFL events including Kickoff in New England, 2018 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl LII.

Plus, Verizon will randomly reward Up members with free stuff, even if you haven’t earned a new credit yet. Because Up is more than a rewards program, it’s Verizon’s way of thanking customers with access to hot brands and unique experiences.

Get Ready…Lady Gaga!

The best experiences are the ones you want to share, tweet and post – the moments you desperately need to share with your friends. We hear you! Verizon is partnering with Lady Gaga on her U.S. tour to deliver the ultimate Instagram moment across 35 performances and 28 cities. Verizon is creating a special section of seats just for Up members. You’ll get up close and personal with Lady Gaga. Verizon will also have a footprint outside the stadium during Gaga’s performances, where Up customers can check in to receive credentials and relax in a VIP lounge before the concert. The space will also include a hands-on demo of the app. Talk about an experience!


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