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Why get the next gen phone on the next gen network? Today, we asked our customers

By: Laura Merritt

Customers who want a reliable network and great high speed connections know there’s only one choice when it comes to picking a wireless provider—and that’s Verizon. Today, we talked with customers from across the country who were in our stores getting their new phones. We asked them why they chose Verizon, and here’s what they told us.

For Becky from Boston, it’s all about having a network you can count on. "I've lived in three North East states, and Verizon connects me and my family with great service wherever we go. We've been customers for a decade and I'm excited to pick up my new phone today--at no charge. I'm never leaving Verizon!"

“What? I can get it for free?” Anemelinda Tague from GA couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the trade-in offer for the new phone at $0 cost.

Denver college student, Gabriel Falcao, left T-Mobile for a better network. "Everyone I talk to says Verizon has a great network. Looking forward to great speed and better coverage."

New customer, Vivie Wen, made the switch to Verizon from AT&T this morning. “I moved to Boston three months ago from California and haven’t been happy with my current carrier—service is poor in the city and when traveling. Today I’m switching to Verizon! I just tried my new phone on LTE Advanced and can already see the speed.”

Robert Davis from Denver, is moving his construction company’s wireless service from AT&T. "I've heard about LTE Advanced and I’m looking forward to experiencing it myself."

For Noam from Hoboken, NJ, the “trade-in promo is a no brainer. And, I got myself some new headphones too!"

Noam from Hoboken, NJ

Shuwona Jones brought pal Daphne Coulter to a Washington D.C Verizon store to help her make the switch from AT&T to Verizon. Daphne told us, “I just couldn’t take them anymore. Everybody knows Verizon is the best. I deserve that.”  Shuwona, who switched from Sprint several years ago, was happy to help a friend in need.

For Carly from Fairfield, NJ, better does indeed matter. She said, “You guys are so reliable, I have service everywhere! It never drops…I would never go anywhere else!”

Travis Abbott from Denver, returned to Verizon today—switching his business lines back to Verizon from AT&T. He told us he’s "looking forward to a better network. It's nice to be back."

Dan from Hoboken, NJ, said, "I'm finally switching from AT&T today. I'm getting a better data plan and coverage with Verizon".

Craig and Malcolm from Philadelphia are long time Verizon customers and both value the good customer service they receive from Verizon. According to Craig, “good customer service is priceless when you have an account like I have.”

Susan from Castle Rock, CO, was tired of using other people’s phones because she had poor network service with AT&T. She moved her business lines from AT&T to Verizon today. “I’m looking forward to consistent coverage and a reliable network on Verizon.”

Susan from Castle Rock, CO

Mark Phillips from Wheaton, IL, came to the Verizon store today because he is excited about Verizon LTE Advanced and wanted a new phone that was LTE-Advanced-capable.

Better matters. With Verizon LTE Advanced, you can get the most out of your new smartphone with 50% faster peak wireless speeds in more than 460 cities from coast to coast.  Verizon already offers 40 smartphones that are LTE Advanced-capable.