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10.08.2018Inside Verizon

‘Without communications, people get hurt.’

By: Verizon Up To Speed

In our latest Humanability ad, we highlight the first responders who rely on us every day.

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Every year throughout the country, more than 240 million calls are placed to first responders. An incredible 80% of these calls are placed on mobile devices. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, people rely on us to ensure they can communicate when they need it most. Our innovations and technology allow first responders to do their jobs. What we do saves lives. 

In today’s Up To Speed, we feature our latest Humanability spot that turns the spotlight on first responders who rely on us

We also catch up with TJ McLamb, Battalion Chief from the Fayetteville, NC, Fire Department. He knows when an emergency like Hurricane Florence happens, a reliable Network is needed. He also knows Verizon has his back. 

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