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By: Claudia Russo

Watch “Women in Media” event hosted by Verizon Business CEO Tami Erwin.

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Verizon Business leader Tami Erwin hosted a “Women in Media” event last week, aimed at empowering, inspiring and supporting women in business. The digital event brought together leading executives from the media industry to discuss topics, including leadership, mentorship, and finding balance.

In case you missed it, find the replay here.

Panelists included:

“Women in Media” is part of a virtual, monthly event series in the Verizon Business Women in Business mentorship program, which will feature women leaders in finance, technology, sports and the public sector. The next event, “Women in Finance,” will take place September 8th at 3:45 p.m.

Some quotes to live by:

On asking for help and giving yourself grace - Tami Erwin

“It has taken us a while to get to a point where we’re willing to openly talk about these obstacles and reach to our right, and reach to our left, and say ‘I need some help!’ And right now, I think we’re facing some really unique obstacles as we think about COVID and the impact on families.”

“We tend to have very high standards for ourselves…Give yourself grace. Give yourself permission to ask for help.”

On the importance of sponsorship - Alex Wallace

“I think sponsorship is really important. Being in the room and fighting for someone.”

On women having an impact - Shelley Zalis

“A woman alone has power. Collectively, we have impact.”

On equality in the workplace starting at home - Shelley Zalis

“When you look at the lexicon, leadership is still predominantly men and caregiving is still predominantly women. This is a great moment if we want equality in the workplace. We need to start with equality at home and practicing where the family shares responsibility. Because it is disproportionately falling on primary caregivers.”

“Equality is a choice. Unconscious bias is an excuse. If you use the word unconscious, you’re conscious. Once conscious, once aware, once educated, what are you going to do about it?”

On choosing a mentor - Callie Schweitzer

“Look for mentorship...including in your peers. That’s absolutely critical. What you can learn from the people below you, next to you, and above you is so critical to succeeding in the workplace.”

On being in control of your own destiny - Rachel Montanez

“I’m a big believer in creating the life you want to live and everyone’s version of success is different.”

About the author(s):

Claudia Russo is a Corporate Communications professional for Verizon Business. Throughout her career, she has counseled CEO’s and C-Suite executives from Fortune 500 companies on corporate positioning, reputation management, media relations and crisis communications.

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