Won’t you be my neighbor: Meet super-shopper J.D.

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During a time of crisis, John David D.  gets the essentials for neighbors who are at a higher risk for contracting COVID-19.


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In and out of a crisis, we’d all want John David (J.D.) D. as our neighbor.

For the past few weeks, J.D. has picked up paper goods, groceries and medicines for a dozen elderly friends and neighbors who are at higher risk for contracting the coronavirus.

Volunteering as a good neighbor.

When early panic for paper goods like toilet paper and paper towels rose and stay-at-home mandates were put in place, J.D. heard that his neighbors needed help. “Due to their age, they felt unsafe venturing into stores to search for the essentials,” J.D. shares. “I called a friend who works at a wholesale store and thankfully, they still had some of the paper goods.”

Without hesitation — and with the proper personal protective equipment — J.D. picked up the toilet paper and everything else on their shopping lists, a favor J.D. has been repeating. “At first I’d spend more than an hour and a half in the stores, and obviously that couldn’t continue,” recalls JD. “But their needs wouldn’t stop and neither would my interest in helping.”

He quickly set up a process to take requests and limits for what he’d pick up, including key perishable groceries like milk and eggs, as well as medicines. J.D.’s trips are down to 30 minutes twice per week. Afterward, he drops off bags at his friends’ and neighbors’ homes.

“I became a popular guy in my neighborhood,” J.D. jokes. “A couple of times I received calls like, ‘Hey JD, you know so-and-so down the street? They heard about what you’re doing and wanted to know if you’d help them, too,” recalls J.D. “Of course I said, yes.”

Gratitude all around.

Although he is not on frontlines, J.D. has a strong desire to help his neighbors and knows he is doing everything he can to play his part in relief efforts. “While I’m not a healthcare worker saving lives, I’d like to think my contribution is helping people feel a bit more normal and secure during unusual times,” J.D. said.

“Everyone I know continues to feel scared, so there’s simply a lot of gratitude when someone offers help,” shares J.D. “My neighbors have offered to bake me pies, and I told them to wait until we can really enjoy them together.”

Sometimes small actions have a big impact, and J.D. is having a big impact for members of his community. Way to be a good neighbor J.D.!

Check out our volunteer page to learn more about how V Teamers are playing their part in relief efforts.

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