Write a letter that brings joy.

By: Rebecca Nicole Laming

Volunteer to provide comfort and care to older adults over the holidays.

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This will be the first year that I don't have my grandmother at our Thanksgiving Day table. While I am grateful she is healthy, I realize that the safest place for Nanny Kitty is to remain home.

An unintentional consequence of staying safe amid the pandemic is the social isolation many currently face. Older adults are feeling the disconnection in a profound way. With the holidays approaching, many will be separated from their families during a season that's all about joy, gratitude, and coming together. That’s why we need your help!

Calling all V Team Volunteers: Write a letter, spread some joy!

With the simple act of writing a letter, you can remind someone's grandparent or loved one that they matter and are in your thoughts over the holidays. Through our partnership with Love for our Elders, this volunteer opportunity will not only brighten up their day, it will surely lift your spirits as well. Plus, this is the perfect activity for V Team families, so grab those glue sticks and glitter, it's letter-writing time!

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Bonus opportunities!

Flex your tech muscles.

Older adults. Virtual fitness class. Top tech questions. While it's hard to imagine how those topics go together, there is a volunteer opportunity that combines them all. Our longtime partner, Older Adults Technology (OATS) is hosting 'Morning Stretch' sessions in which a trainer conducts a virtual fitness class with active older adults, and then the cooldown is a lively Q/A and discussion on tech topics. Through this volunteer event, you can offer support while breaking a sweat.

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Make a call that will brighten up someone's day.

Calling someone to ask them how they are doing or hear about their day is one of the most powerful actions. It reinforces they are valued and loved. OATS has developed a special phone banking opportunity that matches volunteers with three to four older adults for wellness calls. From helping them master video conferencing to providing a friendly voice, these conversations mean the world to people you call and offer a little care and connectivity during a challenging time.

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Take action together.

Participating in the above events contributes to our goal of 2.5 million volunteer hours by 2025. It’s part of Citizen Verizon, our responsible business plan to address the most pressing societal issues.

This Thanksgiving, let's be grateful for those who are with us and remember to reach out to anyone in need of comfort and companionship. There's no better way to give thanks than to volunteer in the service of others.

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