Yes, you can use FiOS as much as you want … Really!

By: Ed McFadden

On Wednesday evening I responded to a question from a Huffington Post reporter: “Currently I'm doing a short piece on CEO McAdam's speech on Monday, where he mentioned that "heavy users" should "help contribute to the investment to keep the web healthy.  Could we get some clarification from Verizon on who these "heavy users" are? Right now, it seems that Mr. McAdams (sic) is in favor of charging both consumers and companies more if they use more bandwidth, and I'd like to make sure I'm not mis-interpreting.”

Verizon’s fiber to the home high-speed broadband network, FiOS, doesn’t cap usage in any way. But I noted that, in general, the usage-based pricing model also already is in use nowadays. As an example, I noted: “But as you know, wireless customers already pay for the data they use. Some who stream a lot of movies and use data-intensive applications may pay a bit more, those who don’t pay less.” What was written was, in part, inaccurate.

My quote had nothing to do with wireline broadband customers. Verizon FiOS customers can use our fiber-fueled FiOS network to meet their streaming, gaming or surfing needs at the blazing fast speeds and capacity they want and need.

About the author(s): 
Ed McFadden is a spokesperson for Verizon's public policy office