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This young YouTuber has a lot to say

By: Verizon Up To Speed
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Jacklyn Dallas proves women in tech rock. We sit down with her for our newest podcast.

Jacklyn Dallas proves women in tech rock.

At the age of 13 Jacklyn Dallas was helping friends and family with their tech questions by creating “how to” videos. If her grandma was able to figure out how a tech gadget worked after watching one of her videos, Jacklyn felt satisfied that her content was on point.

As a young tech junkie, she focused on turning her hobby into something bigger. Her babysitting salary paid for her video camera that would soon hone her craft and get her YouTube channel, Nothing But Tech, off the ground. Now, four years later, Jacklyn has more than 100,000 subscribers with over a million video views. She’s beyond excited about what the future holds, including the possibilities of 5G in her tech-filled world.

Jacklyn is mastering networking and collaboration skills with tech companies and key influencers. In our latest podcast, George Koroneos talks to Jacklyn about how she balances her YouTube channel and her school work, which women in tech inspire her, and what other type of business she’s building.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month throughout March, we’ll hear from trailblazers. Jacklyn Dallas is one of them.


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