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By: Sravya Gajjala

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When our regular routines change, it is easy to forget about our own health and wellness. Use these daily tips to keep yourself healthy and fit throughout the course of your day.

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The latest was all about hydration!

Did you know that today is National Hydration Day?  Staying hydrated, especially in warm months, is important for you AND your furry friends! While Spanky relies mostly on water for hydration, his human friends can also take advantage of alternative water-rich foods and beverages to stay hydrated. Watermelon, veggies or coconut water, anyone? #DailyDose

What's your favorite way to stay hydrated?



About the author(s):

Sravya is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team and a regular host of Up To Speed. She is an avid movie lover and a gadget freak.

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