Digitizing schools

Changing the way 
teachers teach and 
the way students learn

#weneedmore Verizon Innovative Learning schools

Too many schools across America still lack the technology and resources to prepare students for a future in the digital world. But to make a real difference, it takes more than just technology. Lasting impact comes from hands-on learning and experiences.

That’s why Verizon, through our partnership with Digital Promise, has not only equipped every child and teacher at middle schools across America with a tablet and two-year data plan, we’ve also developed a unique, exciting, immersive curriculum that engages kids beyond just using the technology.

#weneedmore kids to see the world of possibilities waiting for them.

Students from the schools programs are improving in areas that pave the way to STEM careers. According to their teachers, students were better at problem-solving and were more interested in STEM fields.

#weneedmore inspiration for students and teachers across the country.

We’re revolutionizing the way teachers teach, students learn and in the process changing the way schools prepare kids for their future opportunities.

Inspiring educators
said they were skilled or expert in using technology to achieve instructional goals
Inspiring students
of students believe that working with the technology makes science more interesting.
Serving our community
of participating students are eligible to receive free or reduced-cost lunch.