of the world
around us.

Read about our efforts
in the 2018 Corporate
Responsibility Report.

Verizon commits
to go carbon neutral.

We are continuing to strengthen our commitment to sustainability and have set a goal to be carbon neutral by 2035 (Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions).

This will be achieved through a combination of reducing emissions, migrating energy procurement in favor of renewable and clean energy, and through the purchase of carbon offsets.


Verizon allocates nearly $500M in first green bond report

In February 2019, Verizon became the first U.S. telecom company to issue a green bond. The bond offering raised almost $1 billion in net proceeds for renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings, sustainable water management and biodiversity and conservation.


Talking sustainability with Verizon’s CSO.

Hear from Jim Gowen, Verizon's Chief Sustainability Officer, on how we’re committed to protecting our planet for future generations.


Investing in green energy.

Verizon has committed to source or generate renewable energy equivalent to 50% of our total annual electricity consumption by 2025.

We will achieve this by continuing our development of renewables at our own operations and by sourcing green energy from external sources. We are on track to add an additional 24MW of on-site green energy by 2025.

Reducing our
carbon intensity.

Verizon has set a goal to reduce our carbon intensity (a measure of the carbon our business emits divided by the terabytes of data carried by our networks) by 50% against our 2016 baseline.

Our success to date in reducing carbon intensity has been made possible by copper-to-fiber migrations, investments in green energy, building improvements and changes in our fleet operations.



Helping customers reduce
carbon emissions.

Advanced technology enables millions of consumers and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and be more sustainable. Our connected solutions help our customers save energy and reduce their carbon emissions. 

We set a goal that by 2022, our networks and connected solutions will save more than double the amount of global emissions that our operations create. 

In 2018, our solutions enabled the avoidance of 8.2 million metric tons of  CO₂e. The emissions avoided represent approximately 1.68 times the emissions generated by Verizon’s operations (Scope 1 and 2).

In 2018, our solutions enabled:

  • 8.2M
    metric tons
    of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions eliminated
  • 1.6M
    equivalent # of cars
    removed from the road for one year
  • 168%
    of 2017 operational emissions (Scope 1 & 2)


Recycling and waste diversion

Across our operations we continuously seek to identify ways to conserve resources and divert waste from landfills.

In 2018:

  • 100% of all wireless devices and accessories returned by our customers were repurposed, reused or recycled.

  • We recycled more than 89 million pounds of telecommunications equipment, batteries, paper, cardboard and other items.

  • We held 53 public recycling events where we gathered over 500,000 pounds of material for recycling – enough to offset 725.3 metric tons of CO₂e emissions.

Reducing water consumption.


Our goal is to reduce our water consumption by 15% over our 2016 level by 2025. As of year-end 2018, we’ve achieved an 11% reduction.