how to use the
2011 interactive annual report

This is an interactive electronic version of Verizon's 2011 Annual Report to Shareholders. It has been designed for you to more easily access the information from the printed report over the Internet. A reproduction of the printed version is available in PDF format on the Download page of this Web site.

There are several ways for you to navigate through this interactive document:

  1. You may use the tabbed pull-down menus, located just below the Verizon logo, to navigate directly to specific content by clicking on a tab, and then clicking on an item in the pull-down list to make a selection.
  2. You may use the Previous and Next arrows, located near the top of each page, to move through the report in a linear fashion as you would through the printed document.
  3. You may use the HTML links in the footer to navigate to one of the four main categories, (Feature, Management’s Discussion & Analysis, Financials, or Proxy), then locate and view any sub-page within each respective section.

Additional Enhanced Content:
Throughout the interactive report we offer additional enhanced content that supplements or explains information in the document. Follow the links shown in blue to view this material.

To further help you understand our annual report we have created a Financial Guide with a list of helpful explanations. Click on the Guide link, located at the top of each page, to access this information.

To help you locate specific information we have created a Search page that will allow you to find individual words or phrases within the 2011 Interactive Annual Report. To search for content not in the 2011 Interactive Report, please return to the main Verizon Web site.

Due to the differences in Web browsers, computer operating systems, printers, and individual preference settings, the appearance of printed online documents may vary when compared to the printed annual report. For best printing results we strongly recommend that you download and print the Acrobat® PDF documents from the Downloads page rather than from your Web browser. If you chose to print directly from your Web browser, we recommend that you turn on “Print Background Images” in your browser preferences panel to obtain improved results.

We have put much effort into making this 2011 Interactive Annual Report universally accessible and legible for all our visitors. We have designed this site using simple and consistent page layouts, minimized the use of graphics and photos, and provided descriptive ALT text when images are included. We have kept backgrounds simple, and adjusted their contrast for better legibility. In addition, we have used standard HTML throughout the site, and created descriptive links that can be understood both in and out of context.

Additional suggestions for increasing the accessibility and legibility of these pages are welcome.