Proxy Statement
Shareholder Proposals (Item 4 on Proxy Card)

We have been advised that the shareholders submitting the proposals or their representatives intend to present the following proposals at the annual meeting. The Board of Directors has concluded that it cannot support these proposals for the reasons stated.

Item 4 on Proxy Card:

Mrs. Evelyn Y. Davis, Watergate Office Building, 2600 Virginia Avenue, N.W., Suite 215, Washington, D.C. 20037, owner of 424 shares of the Company’s common stock, proposes the following:

RESOLVED:    “That the stockholders of Verizon assembled in Annual Meeting in person and by proxy hereby request the Board of Directors to have the Company furnish the stockholders each year with a list of people employed by the Corporation with the rank of Vice President or above, or as a consultant, or as a lobbyist, or as legal counsel or investment banker or director, who, in the previous five years have served in any governmental capacity, whether Federal, City or State, or as a staff member of any CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE or regulatory agency, and to disclose to the stockholders whether such person was engaged in any matter which had a bearing on the business of the Corporation and/or its subsidiaries, provided that information directly affecting the competitive position of the Corporation may be omitted.”

REASONS:    “Full disclosure on these matters is essential at Verizon because of its many dealings with Federal and State agencies, and because of pending issues forthcoming in Congress and/or State and Regulatory Agencies.”

“Last year the owners of 172,949,313 shares, representing approximately 11.6% of shares voting, voted FOR this proposal.”

“If you AGREE, please mark your proxy FOR this resolution.”


Verizon recruits and engages employees and outside professionals on the basis of their qualifications, expertise and integrity. When Verizon hires a former government employee, both Verizon and the employee are subject to federal, state and local laws that regulate the activities of former government officials. In addition, Verizon’s Code of Conduct requires employees to avoid relationships and activities that might impair, or even appear to impair, the employee’s ability to act in the best interests of Verizon.

SEC rules already require that Verizon publicly disclose the business experience during the past five years of all directors and executive officers, including any government positions held during this period. In addition, the federal Lobbying Disclosure Act requires anyone registered to lobby on behalf of Verizon to disclose any senior federal government positions they held during the preceding 20 years. However, this proposal unnecessarily and very significantly broadens the information-gathering task to any outside consultant or legal counsel, all of whom are subject to federal, state and local laws that regulate the activities of former government officials. Gathering this information with respect to all of the additional people covered by the proposal would require substantial financial and other resources. Given the disclosures Verizon already makes and the restrictions imposed by applicable laws and Verizon’s corporate policies, the Board does not believe that the proposed report would provide any meaningful additional information to Verizon’s shareholders.

The Board of Directors recommends that you vote AGAINST this proposal.