Using supercomputing and our secure networks, Verizon innovators are building a world of medical treatment data in the cloud.

Verizon's networked cloud servers can store anything that can be digitized — from movies to healthcare records — and deliver it anywhere in the world.

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Verizon expanded into the cloud space in a big way with our 2011 acquisition of Terremark, giving us a network of 200 world-class cloud data centers around the globe. We now offer cloud-based services in areas such as mobile commerce, security and healthcare. We're also able to give entrepreneurs the tools to build new businesses and services in the cloud on a global scale.

Verizon Terremark cloud services allow businesses to move applications, processing and storage that previously existed on the customer's network into our securely managed network servers. These services allow users to access the same data and applications on any connected device, providing enriched, real-time information exactly when and where it's needed.

This ability transforms the way companies operate by giving them a radically more efficient way to do business. It means any kind of content — even things like education, healthcare and government services — can be delivered anywhere, anytime and on any device.


With the rise of the globally connected enterprise, our customers need intelligent applications that can run on multiple platforms. We offer mobile workforces constant access to collaboration tools and back-end systems to be productive and competitive. We also help organizations securely manage vast amounts of data so they can turn it into intelligence that leads to new products, services and revenue streams.

With technology changing so quickly, we help enterprises minimize capital investment and accelerate innovation cycles. Our cloud services also spread resources efficiently and reduce duplicative investments in equipment, making them a key tool in helping corporations find sustainable solutions to managing a global enterprise.

Cloud computing changes the way business is done and Verizon Terremark is changing the cloud with innovative technology that spans the globe.