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Envision Charlotte

Verizon is a partner in an innovative energy conservation project called "Envision Charlotte."

From smart homes to connected cars, Verizon technology is giving our customers innovative tools to address many of our
long-term energy challenges.

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We see a growing market for digital technologies that give customers control over their energy management. We're partnering with a number of utilities as they transition to remote meter management. By using cloud-based solutions and “e-meters,” utilities can provide customers with better information on their energy usage.

These and other machine-to-machine solutions are being developed in our LTE Innovation Centers, helping modernize our electrical and transportation systems and drive greater efficiencies.


Digitizing the electrical grid is giving users unprecedented control over how they consume and manage energy, while it helps unite producers and consumers of energy into a single, dynamic energy ecosystem.

In Charlotte, N.C., Verizon is working with Duke Energy to create a more sustainable urban environment in a project known as “Envision: Charlotte.” Verizon connected the energy systems of 62 buildings in the city's core using our 4G LTE wireless network.

Real-time data on energy consumption is displayed on interactive video kiosks throughout the city, along with suggestions about how to reduce energy use. The goal is to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent by 2016.

In Worcester, Mass., National Grid is testing the energy system of the future. Its smart grid pilot, which was developed in partnership with Verizon and other key parties, is designed to give more than 15,000 customers control over their energy use through advanced technology. The utility's goals are to encourage customers to save energy, while it increases network service reliability and improves response to power outages.


Our technology is also helping businesses to manage their transportation systems. To improve the efficiency of its 350-vehicle fleet, the Eastern Municipal Water District in Riverside, Calif., is working with Networkfleet, a Verizon company. We provide a wireless fleet-management solution that connects directly to a vehicle engine's onboard diagnostic unit, letting fleet managers remotely monitor engine diagnostics, fault codes and emission control status. Our solution has already helped reduce fuel use and carbon emissions.


We've talked about machine-to-machine (M2M) technology in theory for a long time, but with the evolution of cloud services and Verizon's LTE network, we're expecting a strong growth in demand for M2M services. We're seeing it in smart homes, where the home is quickly becoming a vital hub on the digital grid. It starts with our 4G LTE wireless technology and a powerful line-up of devices to provide anywhere, anytime control of everything from lights and appliances to thermostats and security alarms.

Customers of Lowe's Iris smart-home system will now be able to use Verizon's wireless network for remote monitoring and management of their homes' energy and security systems.

Another service powered by Verizon's wireless network is the Home Area Network Energy Gateway, a self-installed, smart-grid solution that lets consumers manage the energy use for plugged-in devices at their home. The Gateway lets users turn appliances on or off remotely, set schedules and control the temperature from a smartphone or web browser.

Verizon's wireless technology is also helping cities be more efficient. Just-in-time trash collection, a system that sends collection crews real-time data on the status of city trash and recycling bins, helps cities work smarter. With this solution, powered by Verizon with innovators such as BigBelly Solar, collection can be managed much more efficiently by limiting trips and covering a larger area with fewer resources, with no overflows or litter.

We believe broadband and M2M based energy-efficiency solutions will represent a significant new source of revenue for Verizon and deliver social value by accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy. In 2013 we are developing metrics to measure the energy efficiency benefits of M2M solutions.

To learn more about how Verizon is committed to finding new energy solutions, visit our Corporate Responsibility site at http://responsibility.verizon.com/energy.