Internet of Things & M2M

Internet Security

This week's spotlight takes a look at two articles on cyber security and an IoT article on smart farming.

Internet of Things

Our weekly roundup of headlines focuses on the benefits of Virtual Network Services (VNS) and how VNS is creating a new era for enterprise video.

Business with multiple devices

With employees wanting more control over how, where, and with which device they use to work, organizations can no longer ignore the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work phenomenon.

Making food safer, one oyster at a time: Ag Tech in Action Ward Aquafarm

Dr. Daniel Ward of Cape Cod’s Ward Aquafarms came to Verizon's IoT team to ask them to develop technology that would help him ensure the overall quality of his oysters before harvest.


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The UK’s National Crime Agency issued a report which concluded that criminals are winning the “arms race” against businesses and law enforcement.


The Federal Communications Commission approved the “Spectrum Frontiers Order."

Cutting-edge tech is making farming cool

This article looks at how some of Silicon Valley’s most ambitious projects can be found in the formerly dull category of agriculture.

Smart luggage tags could mean you’ll never lose a bag again

Roy Daya explains that electronic bag tracking will soon be a staple among the airlines in the U.S.

Fingerprint sensors could soon be everywhere—but with a catch.

Fingerprint sensors could soon be everywhere—but with a catch...