Open Internet


Verizon has completed the industry’s largest known Network Function Virtualization OpenStack cloud deployment across five of its U.S. data centers.

Net Neutrality: a path forward

A court decision regarding the FCC’s Open Internet Order is coming soon. Here’s what policies Verizon stands for.


 A 1930s-era statement for a 1930s-era ruling.


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler issued comments today regarding his intention to propose new rules on ways to regulate the Internet.


Earlier today, Verizon announced its Q4 earnings results, and Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo was asked by an analyst about the impact that Title


As the FCC moves forward with its Open Internet proceeding, we (and others) have repeatedly explained why using Title II is unnecessary, illegal


A few news sites ran stories about recent comments I made at an investor conference in response to a question about how the threat of Title II regulation might impact Verizon’s capital investment.


“Verizon supports the open Internet, and we continue to believe that the light-touch regulatory approach in place for the past two decades has been


There has been a lot of speculation lately that, whatever the FCC decides about new Net Neutrality rules, the whole thing is headed for another round in court.


In the ongoing push for heavier regulation of the Internet, pro-regulation advocates try to downplay the impact of imposing 80-year-old telecom rules