Verizon Innovative Learning


The new GizmoTab arrives at Verizon stores and online Dec. 1, available with 300 carefully chosen premium learning apps from brands and characters.


Nationwide Verizon Innovative Learning events inspire kids to consider new kinds of jobs.


Five middle schools in the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) have joined the Verizon Innovative Learning Initiative.


We asked real students and professionals to share their stories about how they became coders and why they love computer engineering.


Three Hawaiian middle-schoolers are using modern technology to master classic tunes.

What I learned that adults don’t know

Eight real families from the Verizon Innovative Learning program share what it’s like to raise super smart and techy kids.


These 5 students built a brand new app called Safe Speed in an effort to save lives.

Verizon Innovative Learning | You Don't Know Me

Verizon Innovative Learning sends a powerful message in a new short film and asks viewers to reconsider stereotypes about young men of color.

Empowering tech’s next generation at 2016 ESSENCE Festival

Our partnership with ESSENCE Music Festival is giving minority boys in middle school more access to STEM education and mentorship.

Verizon STEM program aims to change the headlines around minority boys

The Verizon Innovative Learning program is helping minority males to become innovators and makers.