Verizon Innovative Learning

Watch Video about Verizon Tiger Tech

When a tablet has issues at Armstrong Middle School, they call in Tiger Tech, a team of students who show up armed with IT knowledge — and empathy.

Kids with iPads

At Hodges Bend Middle School, students discover the wonder and possibilities of STEM thanks to new iPads and data plans.

High school students participate in Arizona State University and the Verizon Foundation Innovation through Design Thinking Program

Verizon Innovative Learning expands program enabling high school students to develop technology solutions for local small business using design thinking principles.

Watch Video about What If? Let's Reimagine Learning. Technology Can Help.

Socio-economic circumstances are creating a gap preventing more than 1 million classrooms from proper access to technology

Children in front of monitor

At a recent Verizon Innovative Learning retail lab, middle school students learn how to distill their emotions into one tell-all image.

Watch Video about 2017 New York Film Festival screening of Without a Net - The Digital Divide in America

Moviegoers react to the New York Film Festival screening of ‘Without a Net - The Digital Divide in America”

Watch Video Without A Net: The Digital Divide In America - Official Trailer

New documentary explains how millions of kids are being denied technology, and a future.


Without a Net: The Digital Divide in America, narrated by Jamie Foxx, explores deep inequalities in America’s education system that keep millions of students in digital darkness.

Watch video #weneedmore Camelback High

Using STEM and entrepreneurship skills from Verizon Innovative Learning, these Camelback High School seniors secured over $1 million in college scholarships.

Watch video #weneedmore Rodneys: Overcoming self-doubt through a passion for STEM

After participating in Verizon Innovative Learning, a middle schooler surmounts his struggles with math and pursues a future in engineering.