VR and AR Technologies


Even though VR can improve in many ways, it can be an amazing experience in its current form. There are a growing number of options out there to try.


Verizon Labs' Chief Technologist Sundar Rangamani predicts a focus on consumers and ethical questions in 2017.


Virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360° video — a beginner’s guide


Starting today, the best and fastest way to try out the latest virtual reality headset is to visit your nearest Verizon store and put one on.


Daydream view, virtual reality headset available for preorder at Verizon.


From meetings to presentations to training in the field, VR and AR are poised to transform the way we work.

Is augmented reality gaming the key to getting kids moving?

As evidenced by the instant success of many recently released games, technology and real life can be brought together ways that get people moving.

That Feeling When You Try Virtual Reality For The First Time

Imagine being virtually transported to new world and looking around at the environment verses just looking at it on a flat display.

Is augmented reality gaming the key to getting kids moving?

Rapid advances in technology are having a big impact on our needs, expectations, and capabilities in the entertainment world.