Internet of Things

Bringing connected solutions to communities everywhere

We’re excited about the opportunities that the Internet of Things creates.

We’ve got big plans to bring connected solutions to everything — from industrial and consumer products, to vehicles and buildings — so everything works more safely, productively and economically. We’re not just focused on providing connections; we’re also creating innovative IoT applications for consumers, developing a platform for developers create their own applications and partnering with outside experts who have sector expertise.

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Tame the connected world with ThingSpace.

Cut through the complexity of IoT development with Verizon ThingSpace. It’s a simple, all-in-one platform that helps developers build IoT solutions quickly.


ThingSpace is our web-based IoT development platform. Think of it as a simplified IoT workspace for developers to help take ideas from prototype to production and to market.

The future of driverless cars

With the number of cars on the road today, we’ll need a much more powerful network to handle all the data transmission that will be happening. This is why Verizon is preparing the next generation wireless network: 5G.

Connected cars boost driver safety and improve communication.

Verizon Telematics is using connected car technology to keep both your business and your family safe. Networkfleet combines GPS devices with Verizon’s reliable wireless network to track your business fleet’s location and performance. For families, hum keeps loved ones protected on the road by providing car owners with roadside assistance and advanced auto diagnostics.

GridWide utility solutions

Easily deploy, integrate, configure, monitor, manage and control your smart devices. By integrating all of the technologies you need for a successful grid modernization, we've saved you the complexities and cost of building your own solution.

We’re making communities smarter, safer and more connected.

Verizon is paving the way for smarter cities with IoT solutions for the connected car and smart grid including GridWide and Verizon Share. We’ve also launched Intelligent Video, Intelligent Lighting and Intelligent Traffic Management – three new solutions which will address the issues facing urban and rural communities in a more integrated and scalable way.

Internet of Things 2016 report

Our latest report describes how businesses can capitalize on IoT growth.

Innovations in IoT

Verizon has a strong and growing presence in telematics. See how we're changing the world of IoT.