We are conscious of the world around us.

Committed to reducing our carbon intensity

We are proud to report that we achieved our goal of cutting our carbon intensity in half by 2020, 4 years early. Next, we are implementing an additional 24MW of green energy by 2025 in our operations, doubling our current green energy capacity.

Verizon Recycling Rally - NFL and Houston Zoo 2017

Verizon expects to collect over 4M pounds of electronics for recycling by 2020 at community and employee recycling rallies.

Investing in renewable energy

Powering our advanced networks requires a lot of energy. That’s why we’re focused on investing in renewable energy and instituting sustainable real estate practices.

Green energy deployed
Green Energy
Investment to date
Future commitment

ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year four years in a row

We’re honored to win this award in recognition of our strong commitment to preserving a healthy planet for future generations. We will continue to build efficiencies into our retail stores, buildings and operations.

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