Mr. Lane, 64, served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Deere & Company from 2000 to 2009. Deere & Company is an equipment manufacturer that in fiscal 2009 had net sales and revenues of $23.1 billion and approximately 51,300 employees as of October 31, 2009. During his 28 years at Deere, Mr. Lane held positions of increasing responsibility across a wide variety of domestic and overseas units. These positions included serving as President and Chief Operating Officer of the company, President of the Worldwide Agricultural Equipment Division, Chief Financial Officer of the company and President and Chief Operating Officer of Deere Credit, Inc.

Mr. Lane’s tenure as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Deere & Company and as a senior executive in several of its business units provides him with valuable business, leadership and management experience, including experience leading a large, complex organization with global operations. This background gives him a global perspective that positions him well to advise the Board and senior management on implementing the Company’s growth strategies. Mr. Lane also brings to the Board an extensive background in manufacturing, marketing, operations and finance.

Mr. Lane has served as a Director of Verizon since 2004 and is a member of the Finance Committee. He is also a director of General Electric Company (since 2005) and Northern Trust Corporation (since 2009) and a member of the supervisory board of BMW AG (since 2009). In the past five years, Mr. Lane has served on the board of Deere & Company as its Chairman.