Key responsibilities:

Assess and discuss with management Verizon’s significant business risk exposures (including those related to cybersecurity, data privacy, data security and bribery and corruption) and oversee management’s programs and policies to monitor, assess and manage such exposures.

  • Assess Verizon’s overall control environment, including controls related to financial reporting, disclosure, compliance and significant financial and business risks
  • Appoint, approve fees for, and oversee the work of the independent registered public accounting firm
  • Oversee financial reporting and disclosure matters
  • Oversee Verizon’s internal audit function
  • Assess Verizon’s compliance processes and programs
  • Review the Chief Compliance Officer’s annual report regarding anticorruption compliance, compliance with significant regulatory obligations, export controls, and data protection
  • Assess policies and procedures for executive officer expense accounts and perquisites, including the use of corporate assets
  • Assess procedures for handling complaints relating to accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters